Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Interview with Drugoth of DRUGOTH by Kelly Tee and Dave Wolff

Interview with Drugoth, vocalist and founder of DRUGOTH

Kelly Tee: How did you come to do your split release with Odinsgoat, “Harbingers Of War”?
The split with Odinsgoat came about through mutual respect and admiration of one another's music. We both have our music put out on cassettes through a UK label Corpse Torture. We then spoke back and forth through emails/Instagram and it stemmed from there. Initially, we were going to do a three-way split with the awesome band BURIAL CULTURE but their writing and recording schedule is much more spaced out. Although we did have the artwork for the split created by DESECRATOR (the guitarist for BURIAL CULTURE). A three-way split is still on the cards for the future.

Kelly Tee: What is “Harbingers Of War” about? Do both bands align with the album's mantra? And how do you both decide on the direction of a split when collaborating?
The split title simply came from a lyric in the first Drugoth song on the record and it tastefully fit. The three Drugoth songs are essentially B sides or unused songs to the previous release LUTAUM that I had spare. The musical direction of the split wasn't anything in particular, it's simply two bands who are fans of each other's work who want to put out music often. Simple as that.

Dave Wolff: How many copies of “Harbingers Of War” are available for purchase at the time of this writing? Why did you decide to release the split independently instead of seeking label distribution?
This split and all of our releases are available on Bandcamp for free. You can pay if you like but the fact it is being listened to is all I wish for. (drugoth.bandcamp.com). There are no physical copies on my end and I don’t think ODINS GOAT have any either. For me it is purely digital download. There are cassettes available through CORPSE TORTURE RECORDS.
Personally I’m pretty simple about it. I write the music, I record the music and I release the music online and by word of mouth. Apart from Corpse Torture Records I don’t have any labels nor do I have any desire to work with any unless they appeal to me. Labels aren’t a concern. The music is most important.

Kelly Tee: The tracks have a timeframe span similar to grindcore, is there a vague connection here? Or was the intention to create the split to be over and out yet very impactful?
I can't say 100% for Odinsgoat, but I do know he has shorter, grind inspired songs than he does lengthier songs. Drugoth has always done songs rarely spanning over the one minute mark unless it is the outro song of a release that has a crushing riff to sign off too. 

Kelly Tee: What is your lyrical content themed around? And where do you conjure inspiration for these lyrics? What is your creative process so to speak?
For Drugoth the lyrical content is inspired from the darker perspective of the Tolkien world (orcs, Mordor, the ambition to envelop Middle Earth in darkness, etc). Also, I mostly write about battling in great wars against the race of men as if I am a general of a legion of orcs. A lot of the song titles and even some lyrics are written in black speech as well to truly tip my cap to Sauron. These lyrics in particular for the split are about a battle, then the last song entitled "Grond" is about the siege of Minas Tirith in which said battering ram was required.

Kelly Tee: How did it all start for Drugoth? What's your band's history? Was it always going to be black metal?
Drugoth started as something I wished to find most in a band myself. Aggressive, crushing riff-filled, to the point black metal. I have done a few bands in the past more on the death metal side and kind of grew out of a lot of it. Especially the "wanking" side of it.
Don't get me wrong, I'm still very much a fan of some death metal (listen to ETERNAL REST) but once I was turned onto Darkthrone, Bathory and Gorgoroth's “Pentagram” album I was sold.
The length of the songs being so short sort of came about I guess because of age and impatience. It is hard for me to find a record and enjoy it from start to finish as I once could when I was younger. There are of course a few who are exceptions.
Drugoth is a black metal band that doesn't fuck around and gets to the point.

Kelly Tee: Brisbane has a strong thrash metal and death metal scene, is Black Metal on the rise too? Tell me about the black metal community up there.
The BM community in Brisbane is small but that being said there are definitely some amazing bands like GRAVEIR and BLODMANE to name a few. I've found the "scene" itself is a very warm and welcoming place. Many times I see the same faces at black metal shows and have made a few good friends and connections through it.

Dave Wolff: How would you rate the independent zine industry in Brisbane? What are some of the zines you would recommend to people reading this interview?
I’m unaware of any independent zines in Brisbane, let alone Australia. The closest and most informative info I get it is from KELLY TEE via Instagram. I find she regularly does reviews of awesome BM gems that I’ve yet to discover. I highly recommend her work.

Dave Wolff: How many independent labels and distros are active in Australia? Are most of them consistently active and reliable?
I’m not sure exactly. There are a few sick labels but like IMPURE SOUNDS and SEANCE RECORDS. Both labels I just listed put out amazing bands regularly.

Dave Wolff: What is the band’s view of corpsepaint and satanic themes in black metal? Do you consider it played out or still consider it relevant?
I applaud it. It is just another aesthetic aspect to the art.

Kelly Tee: Has Drugoth had much experience playing live gigs? If so what is the best part of playing live for you? And what can people expect to experience when seeing you plague the stages?
Drugoth has never and probably will never play live. DRUGOTH and SHOGRAATH are the sole members and creators of the band. Although if the right people were in place I would like to do a live show perhaps once.

Kelly Tee: What can we expect next from Drugoth? And when?
Drugoth will continue to write, record and put out releases. The writing of the next installment has already begun so keep an eye on the Bandcamp. Apart from that the first release from SHOGRAATH will be happening soon.

-Kelly Tee and Dave Wolff

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