Monday, October 7, 2019

Poem: "too soon" by Jeremy Void

too soon 

I feel depleted.
I’m 28-years old stuck
sucking up the fumes
of a life deleted.
I thrived and I strived for
mayhem only it came to me
when I least expected it
and the beast surrendered its soul to me
eaten and beaten
I cut through and through to the core
of my own fukking problemssss….
my own demise is coming
I’m beside myself
I’m dying and I’m trying and
I’m deciding but I’m deranged
and you know how that goes
I aim for dementia.

The world was mine::::::
but I bit off its head,
and thus I died
when my time came too late
but now it’s in bed.
I slept with the reaper
the grimmest of grins moaning
outta pure unadulterated hate….
I lust for disaster, I desire a temper
tantrum. I live for madness,
only the madness
came too soon and too soon

I became a
disaster case.
That’s it I’m sold
to the highest bidder.

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