Friday, December 2, 2022

Interview with Cernunnous by Devin J. Meaney

Interview with Cernunnous by Devin J. Meaney
This interview is also published at Meaney's blog Mean E Publishing.

Greetings Cernunnous! Please take a few moments to introduce yourself and your music!
Hi folks! I'm the 'Horned God' of the cosmic apocalypse. Pleased to hear that I've been welcomed to share words with y'all. I bring forth an 'old school' style of one man black metal. As a musical entity I guess my pronouns are I/me.

How long have you been producing music under the moniker Cernunnous?
Well I first dropped LSD in 2008 and there was something different afterwards. The quest for a personal project was always on my radar. "Behold the Blizzard" was written that year and it really had no direction with the band I was in at the time. The voice started to speak to me its nameless name. Cernunnous just means 'horned one' in Roman. The true voice is a nameless species that has the power to enchant those who are willing to listen.

What is something that inspires you to write black metal?
Mostly muscle memory to be honest with you. It's like an itch that needs to be scratched. Sometimes words are hard to's kinda like that first blast of elf spice.

What is one of your favourite bands/favourite artists?
I will say Graal. Harry Neal John MacRae is a great man.

I know you released the album "Cosmic Horns" in 2020. Do you have any plans for something new?
Yes. No time table is certain but there's other ordeals that need to be taken care of first.
If the apocalypse would hurry up we'd be able to get it done in no time at all, but alas, it's "business as usual" stuff.

I know you can find a free stream of Cosmic Horns online at Spettro there anywhere else your music can be found?
Echoing throughout the cosmos. For eternity.

Aside from music...what gets your "motor running"?
Politics. Except I'm not going to expose myself on that one. No, I'd rather travel to the dark corners of the realm and harvest the liberty caps and ingest them in order to break their conditioning. Some have a way of twisting words to derive the cancellation effect.

I heard you are an excellent baker. What inspires you when it comes to the creation of delectable cuisine?
I feed my sourdough starter every day. It has a name. Miguel is a hungry bastard and he decides when he is ready for bread. The timing is everything and it can be consuming...but damn…it's good bread! I even save old dead dough and make bread crumbs and continually add dead bread to the mix and the zombie bread reigns supreme.

Lastly--How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn't heard of you?
Like psilocybin-fueled frozen flames licking the stratosphere.

Any final comments?
Necrotic Void is a side project worth investigating once we complete the record. It was stalled by an interstellar storm that has led to a fail in communications across the galaxy and caused great disorder. Stay tuned as it may be completed in the near future.

-Devin J. Meaney

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