Monday, May 1, 2023

Full Length Review: Beyond Helvete "Anthem of Decay" (Immortal Frost Productions) by Brynn Kali Star Dew and Skye Speciale

Band: Beyond Helvete
Country: Germany
Genre: Black metal
Full length: Anthem of Decay
Format: Digital, jewel case CD
Label: Immortal Frost Productions
Release date: November 25, 2022
Track one “Inexorable” has a cool intro. It was very dark and spooky and deserves some credit for that aesthetic musically. I'm probably not gonna play it at my mom's church but that doesn't mean it's not better than 95% of Christian rock bands. Their more like a gremlin rock band that lives in the caves deep below the orcs. With glowing red eyes which light a never ending night. This album art reminds me of artist Chet Zar’s dark art, which has helped inspire lots of modern artists. It definitely lives up to the album art as it gives me the feeling of being out on Halloween night.
I review a good bit of black metal bands, most of which I can't really understand and don't speak their languages. I don't speak Belgian or German; hell I hardly speak English and I relate a lot to the angry screaming which I sometimes do in the middle of the grocery store while everybody looks at me. “What do you have a problem with it!” I scream and stomp up and down like a young/old person with anger issues.
I do agree with the description that this album gives you room to breathe. “It would be cool if it had lyrics” I thought while listening to while listening to “Anthem of Decay” and watching the music video which was very quality. I believe this song is about going crazy and suicide, which is an important thing which needs to be addressed a lot in our modern culture. Track five “Atrophied” was brutal. I liked the more bass toned singer; he gave it the Viking vibe which I think appeals to a lot of metal fans in many different ways. This didn't really change the spookiness level either. The guitar was really good at conveying the spooky haunted house vibes with it.
The next track “Dust of Golgotha” was hella cool. The shortest song on the album but definitely worth a listen. “Infinity in Stone” is a really good title. The music on this album is a lot different than MMXX and I think Beyond Helvete is doing a good job breaking the old mold.
“Coeval Distemper” featuring Blood Torrent was good; it had a little different vocals than the other tracks but it was interesting just having something different to enjoy. A good ending overall the ambient noises at the end were really nicely placed. –Brynn Kali Star Dew and Skye Speciale

Natrgaard: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Inexorable
2. Mass of Obedience
3. Anthem of Decay
4. Ceremony of Primal Urge
5. Atrophied
6. Dust of Golgotha
7. Infinity in Stone
8. Coeval Distemper (feat. Blood Torrent)

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