Friday, May 19, 2023

Single Review: Incognito Theory "American Rebel" (Curtain Call Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Incognito Theory
Location: Kearny, New Jersey
Country: USA
Genre: Southern groove metal
Single: American Rebel
Format: Digital
Label: Curtain Call Records
Release date: May 30, 2023
Last September in my review of Incognito Theory, I mentioned the stir they caused with their gritty sound and palpable energy similar to Southern metal. From my review of "The Brotherhood" or the reviews of their singles by Corban Skipwith and Brynn StarDew you might assume that they're based in Tennessee or anywhere in the southern US, since for a New Jersey band they continue to develop potential to become a leading talent. Few bands can surpass Pantera but Incognito Theory is fast becoming a contender.
In addition to aggressively promoting new material on the net and performing live, Incognito Theory is releasing new singles with rawer dispositions. Contacting producer Malcolm Springer seems to be another step in the right direction, as he has worked with everyone from Eric Clapton to Fear Factory. Springer and his experience as a producer and engineer has led to gold and platinum level sales. Clearly, his influence in the music industry is substantiated as his work with the band enhances their Southern appeal.
With the momentum they have been building, the band is still young, having released their debut album in 2017. There has been a recurring theme of fire in their work and the lyrics of "American Rebel" personify an ungovernable nomadic spirit similar to songs like "Born to be Wild" and "Heading Out to the Highway" and films like “Easy Rider” and "Natural Born Killers". Outlaw wanderers who mount motorcycles and travel to unknown destinations like yesteryear’s beat poets are portrayed as timeless and still relevant.
Although times have consistently changed since the 1960s, people are still drawn to this theme as much as they are to heavier music. Why is this so in today's world of pop culture? Possibly it is a sense of exploration into the unknown and unpredictability conveyed through music and lyrics. Perhaps it is what metal was described as being in the eighties: rebellion for the sake of rebellion. The fact that there remains a need to give the finger to everything conventional, as the band makes no secret of doing with this single. –Dave Wolff

Dave Incognito: Vocals
Mike Butchar: Guitar
Jay Brachman: Bass
John Mosco: Drums

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