Saturday, December 30, 2023

EP Review: Repulsion Magnetica "Taofago" (Vias Negras) by Dave Wolff

Band: Repulsion Magnetica
Country: Ecuador
Genre: DIY experimental noise
Format: Digital
Label: Vias Negras
Release date: October 21, 2023
I started listening to Repulsion Magnetica after Eidan Yoson emailed me from Ecuador inviting me to listen to artists signed to his experimental-industrial-harsh noise-low fi synth label Vias Negras. This band/project has been associated with Vias Negras at least a few years. It was difficult to find information about them online, so I checked out several EPs and split releases with other projects.
Those who prefer structured compositions without excess distortion would likely dismiss these recordings, but I found them compelling as each release sounds distinctly divergent and possesses a sideshow-like variety. Much of the material recorded for said releases feel like a disturbing dream evoking mental and emotional responses from anxiety to panic. In general, Repulsion Magnetica is the aural equivalents to Herk Harvey's "Carnival of Souls" and Kyle Edward Ball's "Skinamarink", or more so to José Mojica "Coffin Joe" Marins' surreal Brazilian horror ("At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul", "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse").
In listening to the ideas offered here, it is as though you are entering a similar world, where everything is grotesque, and paths appear and disappear at random. I consider the work of this project the labor of a musician working with an assortment of synthesizers and other instruments, composing from any stimulation experienced at the time, preserving what’s constructed for anyone who wants to become immersed in it. Without guidelines or expectations, or regard for what someone may or may not find palatable or even tolerable about it.
The developmental free-form capacity of Repulsion Magnetica persists in becoming elaborate with “Taofago”. And in a manner that urges you to journey further into bedlam. From ambient-industrial-rap to droning experimental techno-noise, Repulsion Magnetica nourish unlimited range and dedication to bridging the wide spaces between musical genres, turning up the morbidity while intensifying its attraction to admirers of unconventional musical fusion. Support the label housing this project and check out their other bands. –Dave Wolff

RM: Vocals, music, lyrics, bass, keyboards, pedals, effects, mixing, production

Track list:
1. Matrixificación (feat. Mari Swaruu)
2. No consiento
3. Corazón deforme
4. Pernografía

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