Monday, December 18, 2023

Full Length Review: La Cattrina "Todos Muertos, Todos Santos" (Jade Empire) by Dave Wolff

Location: Mexico City
Country: Mexico
Genre: Folk metal
Full length: Todos Muertos, Todos Santos
Format: Digital
Label: Jade Empire
Release date: November 2, 2023
La Cattrina from Mexico City is one of the first Mexican folk metal bands as far as I'm aware at present. Although there’s little to read about them in connection with their debut “Todos Muertos, Todos Santos” (All Dead, All Saints), most of them are experienced working with other bands based in Mexico of varying genres (thrash, gothic, avant garde progressive death).
The band is working hard promoting the album at Spotify, Youtube, Apple, Deezer and other streaming services since last November. All the news you’d be interested in is at their official Facebook, including links to live interviews they recently conducted to promote the album at El Llamado De La Bestia MX and El Rock de todos los Días. I’m certain they won’t be difficult to find in 2024. Their incorporation of traditional Mexican legend and folklore into classic thrash and symphonic metal is educated and knowledgeable, acquainting listeners to traditional Mexican holidays such as the Day of the Dead.
The music is mature and sophisticated for a first effort, meticulously sharp when it comes to arranging thrashy riffs, classically tinged solos, precise blast beats and themes allusive to Mexican, Celtic, French, Native American, Italian and Russian folk. These nuances are arranged and executed with concentration paid toward harmonizing them as if they intrinsically accommodate each other. Add an intense push forward on the band’s steam and the vocals of newcomer Karín Cruz who embodies the passion and tradition of Mexican culture. There you have a whole greater than the sum of its parts with potential to broaden metal’s range while as radically thinning the differences between metal and folk. –Dave Wolff

Karín Cruz: Melodic vocals
Hugo Reyes: Guitar, melodic vocals, harsh vocals
Jorge Pedrazza: Lead guitar
Mau Henson: Bass
Julio Contreras: Violin
Iván Muñoz: Flute
Álvaro Romero: Drums

Track list:
1. En soledad, la muerte
2. Cuando el tecolote canta
3. Pulka
4. La bruja
5. El espejo de los dioses
6. El callejón de los dioses
7. Nuevo amanecer
8. El sentir de un alma en pena
9. Día de muertos
10. El llanto de los mil cadavers
11. Tzauindanda (Flechador del sol)
12. Revolución

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