Monday, April 20, 2020

Poem: "No Salvation" by Roberta Downing

No Salvation
By Roberta Downing

The water looks so inviting
It becomes you
Welcoming you into its deceivingly warm sea
Then drags you down into its icy grip

Reaching for a life line of a friend
One that you helped and gave time to
Only to find that friend isn’t who you thought he was.

It’s a bad time.
Stop typing.
Concerned with the rocket ship to take him higher
Not caring that she sinks lower.

Lower still until she found the sand at the bottom of the great sea
That has swallowed her whole.
There are so many dangerous things in the dark.
There is no salvation from betrayal or for the fallacies of a friend.
There is no salvation as she takes her last breath.
Her body convulsing from the throws of death
Yet he climbs higher still.

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