Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Split Review: Obroa Skai/Ysidro (Independent) by Jorge A. Trejos

Band: Obroa Skai
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Country: Canada
Genre: Screamo, dark noise
Band: Ysidro
Location: San Diego, California
Country: USA
Genre: Post punk, alternative
Label: Independent
Format: Streaming (Physical format TBA)
Release date: March 28, 2020
Two of the bands with the weirdest names have teamed up to release a 4-song Split. Authored by OBROA SKAI from Alberta, Canada, and YSIDRO from San Diego, California. This sonic snack was released on May 28 on different digital platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and some other well known streaming sites. I listened to their music on Bandcamp, although it is planned to launch in physical format; I think a 7-inch vinyl treatment would do him good. Anyway, the first 2 cuts correspond to OBROA SKAI (I just google the name and it seems that it is inspired by a planet-library taken from the Star Wars universe), they were recorded in November 2019 and its style is an infusion of Screamo (This is how the band describes themselves over their Bandcamp profile) and Harsh Noise. Precisely, this can be heard on the first track “Solastalgia”, a song with a long section of noise and experimental sounds that are quite disturbing. Meanwhile, over the second cut "Holocene Extinction", the Screamo parts, take over the control again. Likewise, we can also listen to some cool passages that resemble the sound of Sludge a la EYEHATEGOD and the likes; showing slow beats and pungent guitar feedbacks, which manage to create a petrifying feeling that I love. Without a doubt, they make you want to listen to more OBROA SKAI, sooner the better. Hopefully, they will be able to release new music before the empire strikes back. The next turn is for YSIDRO, their name makes me involuntarily remember The San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre perpetrated by James Huberty in the early '80s, and I wonder if it's related? I don't know, but I think about it because the group is from San Diego / California, and Ysidro is a district of that city. On the other hand, what I am convinced of is that their music is an intense and melodic type of Hardcore and post-punk blend. The voice is one of the best of the whole ensemble and the bass is also deserving of a standing ovation since you can hear it rumble as much as the guitar crunch, acquiring a notable prominence in the mix. The entire Split was recorded in California at Soulsick Studios by Alex Jacobelli, a seasoned producer of indie bands. The cover is signed by Matt Harrison and there is not much more info about this production, hopefully, the launch of this Split can be made in physical form, on vinyl or CD, I hope some underground label will give them a hand with that. –Jorge A. Trejos

(Obroa Skai)
AK - Bass & Vocals
CL - Guitar/Nightmare Box & Vocals
DS - Drums

(No information given)

Track list:
1. (Obroa Skai) Solastalgia
2. (Obroa Skai) Holocene Extinction
3. (Ysidro) Haight
4. (Ysidro) IAWUIAC

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