Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Single Review: Trashbrain "The BLOB" (Independent) by Devin Joseph Meaney

Band: Trashbrain
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, punk
Single: The BLOB
Label: Independent
Format: Digital
Release date: April 14, 2020
Last night I was scrolling Facebook and I came upon some new songs from within my local area. Trashbrain's debut single "The BLOB" from their upcoming debut album ''Hot as Luv.'' I did not get a chance to listen to it then and there, but I posted it to my wall so I could check it out the next morning through proper speakers... and that is exactly what I did!
Well... technically I finished listening to it at 2:37 pm, but hey... due to all this COVID-19 nonsense, that's morning right? Either way, this single was actually more entertaining than I was expecting. I mean, I knew it was going to be decent because the people involved have worked on other recordings and live performances in the past. And they were always top tier. But for some reason I really dig these humble yet enthralling rock offerings.
First and foremost the recording quality is great for a lower budget recording. This single was recorded by Andrew MacDonald of Get Real! at ''Manse. St.'' I have reviewed some of Andrew's previous works (which he recorded himself) and both the quality and production of the music was of high standard. When I first heard Andrew's recordings I assumed they were pro-studio quality. I mean, they ARE, but knowing more about the recording process he has, it is impressive to say the least.
Music-wise everything appears to be tight. from the drums all the way to the guitar work and the vocals. Nothing too over-the-top technical, but enough to keep you nodding your head... maybe in a restaurant basement like in Trashbrain's Bandcamp bio. The one thing I will mention is the genre specification. From what I can see this is all listed as ''rock,'' which is fitting. But one cannot help but notice the strong punk influences pulsing forth from these recordings. I don't mean like NOFX or Bad Religion, I am getting hints of The Clash and The Sex Pistols and earlier punk acts of the same sort.
All in all, this was a great little blast of music that I listened to more than once (AND I intend to do so again). I could go on further, but as this is only 2 songs, I will leave it here. Check these tracks out. And if you have the funds, buy em'. For fans of rock and early punk tunes, these should be a sure fit.
And to Ally Parsons. That is a bomb-ass cover! –Devin Joseph Meaney

Ally: guitar/vocals
Diesel: lead guitar
Jim: bass/vocals
T-Baby: drums/vocals

Track list:
1. The Blob
2. Prison Love

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