Sunday, February 8, 2015

CD review: REALMBUILDER Blue Flame Cavalry by Dave Wolff

Blue Flame Cavalry
I Hate Records
The first time I listened to Blue Flame Cavalry I didn’t much care for it, mostly due to the vocals. Doing some research on the band and giving the album a second chance, it’s starting to grow on me musically. According to Antoine Richard of Metantoine’s Magickal Realm (his review of this album was part of my research); the New York band is comprised of a musician who also happens to be a music instructor and another who also is a filmmaker. Filmmaker/screenwriter/novelist Czar (drums, vocals) and music instructor J.H. Halberd (guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals etc.) set out to arrange this as a soundtrack of sorts. Released in 2013, Blue Flame Cavalry is their third full length following 2009’s Summon The Stone Throwers and 2011’s Foundations Of The Pale Architect. I’m not familiar with the band’s previous outings, nor do I like the lead vocals that much, but if you like Manowar you might find a lot appealing about this album. Although the production sounds of demo quality and doesn’t do enough justice to the musicianship there is a range of varying themes from heavy to tranquil to epic. Only four songs are included, the best of these being the title track which closes the album at over ten minutes, with some additional instruments by Halberd. I don’t consider Blue Flame Cavalry that bad now, though I still think they should work on their production and hire a vocalist as their third member. -Dave Wolff