Wednesday, February 18, 2015


ANTICHRIST MAGAZINE #13 (2013) English, 52 pages, A4 format, professionally printed, color cover, b/w pages plus Double CD Compilation.
Aleksandr Maksymov, P.O. Box 203, 91001 Luhansk, UKRAINE
This was once a photocopied/xerox zine and now they went more of a pro-printed as a magazine. This was a major change for them and its good to see them progress into something bigger. I haven't seen an issue running around since issue #7, which was an important issue because they started to write more in English. They layout is extremely neat and some contents are written in English. From my understanding it also came with a compilation but the copy I borrowed from my friend it was missing. The interviews were good. In this issue they interviewed: Blasphemy, Necros Christos, Nuclear, Cobra, Furze, Vomitor, Witching Hour, Unholyath, Funeral Winds, Repuked, Speedwolf and several others. A good length of reviews. -Lady Kat Chaos