Thursday, February 12, 2015

CD review: WITCHTRAP Dark Millennium by Reggae

Dark Millennium
Hells Headbangers
Witchtrap is a South American band hailing from Columbia. I must confess to not having heard of the band before, but apparently they’ve just gone twenty years strong in the underground Colombian scene. By their own admission they never reached dizzying heights but just kept on playing thrash metal for no other reason than that’s what they wanted to do. This is not a standard album but just a collection of songs to celebrate their longevity. The guys are obviously true to the cause. This is straight down the line traditional death/thrash crossover, think Sodom (earlyish), Nifelheim or Piledriver and you’ve got a great idea where this sits. It is well recorded and executed thrash that pays homage to the roots of the genre
Will this win points for originality? Lord no! Will this get you drinking beer and thrashing around the lounge room in your stretch black denim jeans and bullet belt? YES! This is one release that shows that sometimes there is nothing wrong with just sticking to the roots of the music you love and letting it all hang out. I would go so far as to say a tribute to staying frozen in 1987 thrash
The lads have a great sense of the almighty riff and from start to finish this does not cease to entertain me. The musicianship would far surpass that of early Sepultura or Sodom, I would put them alongside Destruction and the crisp recording (which sits in polarity to that of the above mentioned genre leaders). -Reggae