Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zine review: COMPENDIVM MALEFICARVM issue #9

COMPENDIVM MALEFICARVM 'ZINE #9 A4 format, photocopied, 60 B/W pages
Compendivm Maleficarvm fanzine # 9 (Bolivia) is an interesting fanzine that adds artwork from mystical ancient times and graphic revisions and flyers that added a nice touch of blasphemy. They cover a lot of bands bringing out their hidden talents through their interviews and reviews. Although, this fanzine is not written in English so it makes it harder to give a better review but the interviews looked thought-out and a good length of questions. Some interviews they have included: Lelahell (Algeria), Jahiliyyah (Bangladesh), Cruor (Brazil), Terra Caput Mundi (USA), Khristenn Corpse (Venezuela), Conrad (Barbados), unburied (Costa Rica), Mephisto Europe (Sweden), Asura (Italy), Prayer of the Dying (Malta), and Obscure Infinity (Germany). They review tapes, CD's, vinyl, and fanzines. Its complemented with many hours they've spent putting this printed fanzine together and it shows. -Lady Kat Chaos