Thursday, February 12, 2015

CD review: V/A Operation Underground by Dave Wolff

Bluntface Records is a label and organization of sorts, founded by a ten-year veteran of the New England scene, Otto Kinzel. The bands he is dedicated to supporting are described as thinking left of center, wishing to create without mainstream restrictions of any kind and needing a forum to be heard on a grander scale. His label/organization welcomes artists who prefer quality over quantity and seeks connections with like-minded musicians. The label is home to a handful of bands so far; the calling cards for interested parties are the mottos “no pre-formulated requirements” and “no generic templates.” This 2013 compilation, available for streaming at the label’s official site, is a free and nonprofit means to provide exposure to bands of the ilk described above. A great number of death metal bands answered the call to appear on this compilation (featuring twenty-seven tracks in all) but this is not the only genre spotlighted and each moment gives you something different to experience. The larger-than-life Markradonn has a song included on this anthology, along with Inverticrux (formerly Vintage Flesh); I’ve been familiar with both these bands for some time before hearing this. I’m likewise being introduced to bands I wasn’t previously familiar with such as Sacrichrist, Abdicate, Critical Dismemberment, Green Army, Legion Of Wolves, Accursed Spawn and Goreality. All these bands sound chosen through a painstaking selection process of which would leave the longest lasting impression, based on their inventiveness and unique visions. This compilation proves that such a process can yield the most effective results and will reinforce your belief in quality underground music. -Dave Wolff