Tuesday, February 10, 2015

CD review: STRAIGHT HATE/SPEEDY GONZALEZ Born To Grind by Frank Garcia

Born To Grind
The band Straight Hate is a Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore project from Chełm, Lublin. Members include Kuba - vocals, Kamil - guitar, Przemek - bass, Radek - drums. Speedy Gonzales is a GRIND "assault" CORE band from Kediri, East Java - Indonesia. Members are Voxkill Throat: Strss Nvr. Guitar: Apix Kusumo Dirojo. Bass: Kimpul El Corazon and Blasting: Geoff Sunrise.
Born To Grind split tape with Speedy Gonzales released on September 2014. Excellent production. I expected to hear a raw and dirty mix but instead found a clear and solid mix. Punchy intense drums. Heavy distorted guitars with equal balance. Strong bass lines and raw low to mid/high vocals styles. The intensity and delivery stays consistent from the opening track to the last.
My first impression is, crushing and in your face delivery. It reminds me a lot of bands like Phobia, Napalm Death and Brutal Truth. Some of my favorite tracks would have to be Straight Hate-Bloodshot Eyes, I enjoy the low tuned riffing, it makes it really devastating and brutal, I also enjoy how well the grinding parts fit together it all the right moments. Speedy Gonzales-Penambang Pasir Bangsat, fast, straight to the point punk style assault. Speedy Gonzales-Facing The Death, the vocal interchange and subtle crazy samples make you want to slam in the mosh pit. Straight Hate, Sweet Carnage features some memorable riffs and has some crushing double bass kicks. In conclusion, a well-rounded release and combination of both groups fits together perfectly. -Frank Garcia