Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zine review: METAL HORDE Issue #15

METAL HORDE Issue #15: August 2014
Issue #15 is one of three editions of Metal Horde I received from editor/publisher Nuno Olivera via zine trade (with issue #14 and a special issue covering a recent metalfest. This “underground fanzine for metal maniacs” as stated on the cover is fully supportive of printed fanzines, encouraging people to buy zines in the editorial. Said editorial thanks the bands that sent them material to review for this issue besides demonstrating enthusiasm for supporting extreme metal from Sacred Steel to Obituary. The layout is strongly reminiscent of zines published in the late 80s, and the zine generally has the air of a staff that were fans of underground metal ever since that time. All the sections here are neatly organized, the interviews lengthy and detailed, the zine, album, demo, performance and movie reviews all concise and to the point. Besides Sacred Steel and Obituary you’ll find interviews with Aggressive Mutilator, Blackfinger, Enchantya, Sardonic Witchery, Speedtrap, Domains, Witches Brew, Terra Caput Mundi, Head: Stoned and Gang. Just a couple live reviews (Barroselas Metal Fest and Extreme Metal Attack) are run but they present an impression of having been there from a fan’s point of view. The film reviews seem to be of movies that were randomly chosen to watch and appealed to the writers. I would recommend this to anyone who likes reading articles that are both casual and informative. -Dave Wolff