Monday, March 16, 2015

EP review: POST MORTAL POSSESSION Possessing Entity by Dave Wolff

Possessing Entity
Pennsylvania death metal is still thriving as Pittsburgh’s Post Mortal Possession demonstrates effortlessly. Not since Insatanity have I heard a DM band from Philly with this much potential. If your playlist has lacked enough to feed your boundless hunger for all things blasphemous and evil, Post Mortal Possession is a band to reintroduce you to the genre. At five tracks, Possessing Entity shreds your consciousness to ribbons and leaves you wanting to experience more. Even more impressive is that the band have existed for a relatively brief time (since the fall of 2013) and already they’re churning out material worthy of the most prominent underground labels keeping the flame alive. For their debut, this EP shows they don’t have long to go to compare with Incantation and Cryptopsy. Each band member has had experience working with local bands, which clearly shows in the professionalism displayed in these five songs. The drums serve as a relentless backbone for the accompanying music, often reaching near-impossible velocity. So much so that you’ll find yourself wondering how they can keep it up for several minutes and remain that precise. Also noteworthy are the slightly groove laden tempo sections done with Egyptian/Powerslave (Iron Maiden) vibes that appear from song to song. The interaction between this theme and the triplet crunch (plus the classically tinged fretboard gymnastics) in songs like The Arrival makes for some intriguing time changes. The band recently filmed a promotional video for Visceral Butchery that can be viewed on Blank TV’s Youtube profile. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. The Harvest
2. Suspended By Nails
3. Death March
4. The Arrival
5. Visceral Butchery