Thursday, March 19, 2015

CD review: THE REIGN The Long Wait by Dave Wolff

Since I listened to some alternative as well as extreme metal in the mid-90s I probably would have gotten into this if it was released around this time. I heard similar records writing for the Long Island paper Good Times and made contacts in the local rock scene. I was reminded more strongly of New York City alternative checking out the bands in question. I hear similar inspiration in alternative here, and subtle inspiration from the Beatles and Rolling Stones (particularly the vocal harmonies and sometimes psychedelic guitar progressions. Occasionally I hear hints of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and even Black Sabbath. These days the mainstream industry is incredibly narrow minded (unless you’re dealing with well-established artists) with too much being immediately written off because it’s not “popular” or doesn’t rehash the same tired pop formula. But at least this band makes an effort to be inventive while appealing to aboveground listeners (Nothing Comes Around and Forever Leads To Nothing are examples of this). All the sixteen tracks of The Reign’s The Long Wait are tightly arranged resonating with a potent sense of what founding member/Flushing native Joe Caravella seeks to accomplish in the studio. The lyrics center on relationship issues and the drama that usually accompanies them. Together with the musical backdrops described above I perceive an atmosphere of a club where people are hearing and appreciating a group of hopefuls waiting for their break to arrive at the proper time. Worth the effort for fans of alternative and classic rock. -Dave Wolff