Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CD review: SÉANCE Where The Gigolos Roam by Dave Wolff

Where The Gigolos Roam
Yet another impressive demo recording courtesy of Lucy Poems. This ten-track CD is the first release of Séance in some time and a significant improvement from past releases, both musicianship and production-wise. I’ve been checking out his work for longer than a decade and It was a pleasant surprise how much things have gotten better this time around. The improved production allows for a clearer sound and more atmosphere to represent the melancholy of these songs, complete with somber guitars and mournful piano. The bass and drums are clearer and there are even varying sound levels, samples, effects and background female choruses. I think the lead vocals can still do with some improvement but this is minor considering how far Poems has come otherwise. His lyrics are moving beyond familiar themes of dark longing, lost love, emptiness and regret. Those are still there and all the more convincing but with them are a few verses about the current state of world affairs. Poems and Omen who writes and composes the music created what could be on a full length promoted and distributed by a prominent indie goth label given the needed backing and publicity. Here there is potential to grow from the traditional goth influences, not away from them. To progress from the root darkness and prove this style can mature without compromise. Much like black metal expanded its horizons in that crucial period of development from the early 90s to late 90s. All that’s needed is for those feelings to be genuine and not converted into something mainstream friendly. -Dave Wolff