Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Single Review: Sorcerer "Dance with the Devil" by Sarah McKellar

Band: Sorcerer
Location: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Genre: Epic doom metal
Single: Dance with the Devil
From their upcoming full length “Lamenting of the Innocent”, to be released on Metal Blade records May 29, 2020
Format: Digital
Release date: April 16, 2020
Sorcerer is a five piece Epic Doom metal band based in Stockholm, Sweden and reformed in 2010. “Dance with the Devil” is their single release from Sorcerer’s upcoming full length release through Metal Blade Records. Melodic and mournful vocals combined with chanting vocals provide a dramatic touch. Spoken word pieces throughout this track add an epic and slightly foreboding feel which fits in well with the saga style lyrics. Musically, a strong emphasis on harmonies and a melodic approach throughout “Dance with the Devil” a compelling and haunting track. Visually, Heavy Groove Media has provided an excellent portrayal of this track with a romantic gothic storyline which fits in very appropriately with the lyrics and emphasizes them well. The use of darker tones and muted lighting add a mournful and tragic feel to the “Dance with the Devil” film clip. Overall, I genuinely enjoyed both the film clip and the release together as they are really complementary to each other and portray this release masterfully. Epic Swedish doom at its finest- I genuinely look forward to hearing Sorcerer’s full length “Lamenting of the Innocent” later this month. –Sarah McKellar

Anders Engberg: Vocals
Kristian Niemann: Guitars
Peter Hallgren: Guitars
Justin Biggs: Bass
Richard Evensand: Drums

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