Saturday, June 26, 2021

Article: "The trouble with Religious People... or... To a religious person 5 x 5 = 20" by Damien Lee Thorr

The trouble with Religious People... or... To a religious person 5 x 5 = 20
Article by Damien Lee Thorr

Religious people are the direct result of the failure of the educational system. They know nothing about science yet deny evolution and fabricate incoherent arguments against the proven theories of evolution, demonstrating scientific illiteracy.

Their negligence towards a proper science education has been an impediment to everyday life and progress, and has contributed to the spread of Covid 19, claiming that their imaginary god will "take care of them".

One dangerous variable is how they adhere to pseudo science that is widespread all over the internet and they embrace it as if it were true.... because they are not adequately educated in science.

Religious people remind me of the primitive tribe near New Zealand where they know nothing about biology, and they believe that by their god, that when the chief of the tribe sodomizes every boy when he turns 7 years of age so he can ejaculate his "seed" into them, they will have seed passed into them when they grow to be men.

If anyone in that tribe knew anything about biology, they would not submit their boys to that vile yet venerated ritual of pedophilia.

The sensation that people feel when they think they are worshiping imaginary gods is the same joyous sensation that people feel when they are laughing among friends and family, enjoying a music concert, a party or even a sexual encounter. It is basically the brain at work, releasing chemicals that attribute to those sensations. This is a very well understood fact with tons of medical evidence to support and validate it. This basic understanding of science has gone unrecognized by the religious due to their lack of education and knowledge in the matter and have selected to embrace the comforting false narratives that the church offers them. Science is most essential to our survival. To see it grossly rejected is dangerous.

When we die, time & consciousness ceases for us. It will be as the void before our birth. There will be nothing and we will not even be aware of it, as if we never even lived at all. Too bad we will not be able to point out to anyone in death: "you see, no god, no heaven & no afterlife" when they don't get to the “heaven” they were promised all these years.

Evidence indicates that our personality & consciousness comes from the brain, therefore, when it is dead, it is likely that we cease. If you damage a part of the brain, a person's personality changes, memories can be lost, abilities can be lost. Why would anyone think that when the brain decomposes the person remains intact? It appears the religious have not had a moment to sit and think about this ... let alone, question it.

God is fiction, a myth over-idolized with super-powers & overwhelmed with contradictions. Those who currently believe in a god/s do so because they have been lied to and have not had the initiative to question it. The fact remains that no believer can provide us with REAL evidence that their god is not imaginary.

Their problem is that they are not at all interested in viewing the evidence that debunks their obtuse beliefs.

There is no god. What they think is god around us is nature that can be explained using scientific means.

They do not have any faith "god" because it was man who told them about "god" and not "god". Therefore, they have faith in what man told them was the truth when it isn't.

The religious say "but something can't come from nothing", when in reality, that is exactly what they believe. But do they think about it? No.

Damien Lee Thorr is the composer and lead guitarist for the popular, classically influenced and openly atheist/political activist metal band Predator, has authored many essays and editorials for Asphyxium Zine and written he horror-erotica novel “The Vampire Journals”. Check out Predator’s 2011 full length "Born in Blood" at Youtube and visit their official site at

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