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Full Length Review: Moonshade "Sun Dethroned" (Art Gates Records) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Moonshade
Country: Portugal
Genre: Melodic death metal
Full Length: Sun Dethroned
Format: Digital album
Label: Art Gates Records
Release date: October 26, 2018
What a day, what a day. Every new morning brings us unlimited possibilities and opportunities! And today I’ve been blessed with this amazing opportunity to discuss with you all an album all the way back from 2018 but an album that could still knock out most releases in the past 3 years:
SUN DETHRONED by Moonshade
So, what we have in front of us today is the debut album by Moonshade as mentioned above release in 2018, this has an 8 song tracklist, and saying this is a record for the ages is an understatement!
There are so many things done well on this album, beginning with that orchestral and beautifully organized production and instrumentation, this is some of the best sounding chords I’ve heard for a metal album in quite some time.
On the surface, it gives you this almost mid-2000’s Metal era feel (which I completely love) reminding me of the likes of
-Arch Enemy and more
You can tell there’s real pride and care taken into the construction of both the instrumentation and the presentation of the album and the setlist wasn’t just chosen and numbered by random, that they all serve a higher purpose to not only synchronize but elevate the track before and coming after, it’s such an exciting and amazing thing to behold!
Next, we have the vocals which just like the production is immaculate, precise, and done with passion!
You can hear the way each line and each word is said with purpose and conviction. The way the lead singer goes between those deep guttural growls and those mid to high screams and the way he’s careful to coincide both to be one with each other is great! The album as a whole you get numerous switches in the vocals depending on the mood and aesthetically presented track for track.
I absolutely love that they panned out this kind of diversity and careful planning within the album, you don’t normally get this kind of articulate level of planning but when it’s done right (like it’s done here) then it’s a marvel to behold.
8 tracks long, this album is an absolute beast! It’s got everything you could want from a metal album and more!
-Conceptualised storytelling
-Great Production
-Excellent vocal performances
-Pacing and much more!
Go and support this album and these guys today! Link below and let’s skyrocket these guys to the next level! –Corban Skipwith

Ricardo Pereira: Vocals, lyrics
Pedro Quelhas: Guitars, backing vocals
Daniel Laureano: Guitars, backing vocals
Nuno Barbosa: Bass, keyboard arrangements
Pedro Quelhas: Keyboard arrangements
Sandro Rodrigues: Drums, percussion

Track list:
1. God of Nothingness
2. The Flames That Forged Us
3. Lenore
4. Sun Dethroned
5. Upon Your Ashes
6. World Torn Asunder
7. Eventide
8. A Dreamless Slumber

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