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Interview with Nate Alicie of Aporium by Daniel M. Ryan

APORIUM INTERVIEW by Dan of DANS BLOCK (ex-Transylvanian Forest eZine)

This is Dan, formerly of Transylvanian Forest eZine. I have not done an interview in years but I did one live in the chatroom on METAL DEVASTATION while I was DJing promoting the METAL & BEER FESTIVAL sponsored by DECIBEL MAGAZINE plus airing many other bands that night. You can find the airing on my Mixcloud for my segment DANS BLOCK.
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Now here is the interview between Nate and I that night.

First question, when did you start Aporium and how long have you been making metal music for?
Aporium has been in the works since only the beginning of 2021 actually. I've been playing metal guitar and doing vocals for small bands since the mid-90s.

What do you use to record with and where are you located?
I use an old Crate Blue tube amp for some of my stuff, but mainly the amped roots sim from ML sound lab played through my Jackson dinky 7string with Seymour Full Shred pickups. I also play my five string Ibanez Jazz bass through a sim'd cab on logic. Some of the guitars are done on my Martin and also on an old telecaster as well believe it or not. I used it mainly in "Rebirth". Nothing beats that solid ass body tone.

Next question, what bands are you influenced by or artists?
I'd have to say that my first influence into death metal was the 1989 ultimate revenge 2 compilation from combat records - I heard two Chuck Schuldiner songs, and I was hooked for life. I'd have to say that I was extremely influenced by the mainstream Metallica and Megadeth stuff (especially Justice and Rust in Peace) in addition to Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss album.
I would also say that I'm extremely diverse in terms of what I've been brought up listening to - Neil Young, James Taylor, Rush, and Marty Friedman's Cacophony were some early influences for sure.

Awesome, how has the reception been so far for your self-titled EP Aporium?
Man, it's been really good in the Spotify arena. I've really got some great feedback, and felt the love from the metal community everywhere. Aporium was hard to summarize into a specific genre, and I think that has lent some challenges to grouping it with other stuff.
I feel like I am Lestat and you are Louie from Interview With The Vampire right now. I am giving you the chance I never had. LOL...

Hahahahah. I'm with you man! I appreciate the shit out of it! What is the local metal scene like for you and how has this year been for you musically reaching out to other artists?
I grew up playing house bands at local bars for free beer, and there was nothing like it man. Although it's still happening, It's been a challenge recently to link up with old band members, and even find new studio musicians who are willing to work on a project, so I said fuck it, why not do it all? Haha. Aporium is the brainchild of that. This past year in particular has undoubtedly put the damper on every scene musically out there, but I think doing a solo project like this is an evolutionary step to keeping our community alive and well.

I started off the same way in 2009 when I burst onto the scene with Strings Of Distorted Doom, short for S.O.D.D. when my song, Thorns On The Coffins hit stations from USA to South America, Mexico, and Europe. Then there was a hiatus and I finally got DOOM TRIALS out there. I worked with other musicians and know what it is like working solo. It is really a good way to also expand on your abilities. I am blessed to have had other musicians to work with but soon I would like to put out a solo effort again. For now, I am working on my soundtrack projects latest album, for Mors Omnibus.
I see you are from Watertown NY, how far is that from Albany? Also, what bands have you been listening to lately?
You got it brother, it's a day at a time, and the music industry isn't what it used to be, but that's not all a bad thing. It's been a real eye opening experience doing everything from the production to the promotion in addition to writing and performing everything. Albany's about three hours south of me believe it or not! I spent time here in my early adult life, and I moved back here five years ago. No place like it, especially in the summer. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of technical stuff like Archspire and The Zenith Passage - all stuff that really had influences from Necrophagist one of my all-time favorites. I just found out one of my old thrash favorites Faith or Fear just released an album as well, and was happily surprised that it kicks ass as well. The metal is alive and well brother Besides those guys, Decrepit Birth, Beyond Creation, the new Lorna Shore album, Cognative, last year's Kataklysm album! \m/

What do you think of Carnivore? Peter Steele RIP!!!!
Definitely had early inspiration from Carnivore man - Damn shame when we lost Peter, but the metal will live on forever brother!

Excellent, what were the last bands you seen live and if you done any gigs who would you like to play amongst?
I hate to admit this, but it was Slayer, Carcass, and Testament. Took my son to steep him in the metal the year they retired man. Fucking hell of a show. Hail to the King!!!!

My teacher at the time got me into more old school metal from festival CDs who would give me. Lucky for me he knew I liked black metal and thrash at the time. He got yelled at by our principal for wearing a Black Sabbath shirt once lol.
My old band Behavior Modification Theory (BMT) played several shows up here in Watertown years back, and I definitely look back fondly on that. My lead guitarist Jason Velie is still my go to brother for bouncing ideas off of. Looking back, it's always just been about making good music and sharing it with other likeminded people.

That is great. How it should be. I remember posting flyers in music stores in an old DM band I was in before I went solo for S.O.D.D.
Where can people find your music and merch at? And when do you plan to put another album out?
I'm on all the big stores, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and Bandcamp, I have some material to segue off of the EP already. I'm seriously considering a full album release in about a year, but with other work stuff going on, it's a bit too early to speculate a release date at this point.

If you had to see one band, dead or alive what would that band be? Or, any band that is around today?
Man, that's a tough one - I've seen so many of my favorites, but I have to say that Cradle of Filth put on one of the most amazing shows I could have imagined. They are some amazing talented guys, and I'd go back to see their show any day.

Where did you come up with the name Aporium for your band?
Long story short with Aporium, Aporia is a puzzle, and an Emporium meaning a factory - a factory cranking out puzzles and lies meant to control the masses and keep everyone under the thumb of oppression. I've spent some significant time in the various corners of the earth and have witnessed the box of belief ruin, control, and oppress.

Who would win a fight? LEMMY OR GOD? And any final words for your listeners and everyone part of the metal community including Metal Devastation Radio & my segment DANS BLOCK featuring METAL & BEER FESTIVAL hosted by DECIBEL MAGAZINE?
Hahaha, I'd say Lemmy, God, and the Devil are drinking a better IPA than I am right now kicked back listening to Metal fucking Devastation Radio after a fucking brawl to end all brawls that Lemmy was called the almighty Victor of. I have to thank the Metal Devastation Radio family and graciously thank Dan for interviewing me and keeping metal alive!

TRICK QUESTION, LEMMY IS A GOD!!! lol Thanks man for the mention. I do my best to provide as much as I can while doing my own music and everything else associated to me. I deeply care about the underground and where it is heading.
Especially during these times. We will rise above!!! You are welcome and thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with me tonight. Cheers brother. \m/ We will cross paths soon.

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