Friday, September 24, 2021

Poem: "Behind the Shroud" by Jerry Langdon

Behind the Shroud
by Jerry Langdon

I don't know why
I feel under an endless sky
That feels out of time and space;
Like I'm living out of my place.
As if I am from another era.
How long has my soul visited Terra?
How long have I wandered;
How often has my soul pondered?
Will the light that is in my darkness
Ever know the answers to the endless
Questions that string out equations
That may not even have solutions?
With every passing year
As I feel darkness near
I hope my soul is freed from this prison
But I fear it will be incarcerated again.
If my soul could speak out loud
Would I want to know what's behind the shroud?
If the curtain were to fall
Would I want to look at all?

© Jerry Langdon 2021

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