Friday, September 24, 2021

Poem: "The Three Diablos" by Jeremy Void

The Three Diablos
by Jeremy Void

Remember Harry?
He was best friend
number 1
When I was 18,
a guy four years older than me
attacked me in Newton Highlands
because I had blue hair
Harry was there
but then he was gone
No one knew where he went
He did not have my back
14-year-old DP was there for me
but not Harry
DP got a face full of scolding hot
22-year-old prick got a boot
to the side of his car
as he pulled out
and then he pulled up
got out
and attacked me again

The police report lied
and I owed
the guy
$700 worth of damage to
his fuckin car
for the tiny dent
They made me pay for more
than what I had done

Lethal Erection played our first show
Harry on bass
DP on drums
It was a benefit show
to keep
me out of jail
I made $200
in all
Harry stole the proceeds
because he needed
a cab ride home
although I had heard he never
even paid the fare
He kept the money and

Then there was Ben
remember him?
He was best friend
number 2
A jolly asshole he was
I think he might have
killed himself by now
after his wife who married him
for his disability money
divorced him
Many times recently
I have looked him up
on Facebook
to reconnect but
he is a mystery
I reconnected with Harry recently
and he told me
about how Christy--
I really liked her,
to tell you the truth--
was only using him for
his disability check

When we were younger

Ben would
kick me
in the shins with
his steel-toed boots
whenever he felt
the urge
He fucked my first girlfriend
while we were going out
and after we were going out
which is so gross--
she was gross\\\

I stopped talking to Ben
because as I said
he was a dick
and ran into him while
hanging out with Jeff
Ben attacked me
put me in a headlock
as he tried to squeeze all the
life out of me
Ben was three times my size
He was a big dude
So I punched him the nuts
and when he released me
decked him in the face
and walked away
Jeff said that was
the most Punk rock
thing he had ever seen

Then there was Jeff
best friend number 3
Told everyone I was a Nazi
a week after I punched Ben
in the face
and I lost a lot of
really good friends
as a result

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