Friday, September 24, 2021

Poem: "Prometheus." by Sky Claudette Soto

by Sky Claudette Soto

In A grandeur of life we exist with blissful eye's as I layeth my head and ears down upon this kaleidoscoped cushion, peering out at the utmost resilient and intricate of thistle just dreaming..dreaming of angelic visions as life and death..nears..nears and passes right before me...before mine eyes in front of mine eyes ..Welling up with tears..Welling up with tears... tears of compassion..compassion and love I am helping my blackest of Beauty to lay unto rest before me ,beside me ..mine guardian I knoweth of your energy and always you shall be with me...besides me... sweetest of Guardians you are... I will..I will, always remember you are now my spirit animal ...Spirit guide.. Spirit of greatness,I will always love you forever...forever and ever.

First American Publishing Rights only
Copyright and written by Sky Claudette Soto.
August 12th 2021
A homage to Prometheus,my Rottweiler born August 20th 2010
his passing was on July 22nd 2021

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