Monday, September 6, 2021

Article: "Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza" by High Elder Ordained Priestess Liath Sahjaza

Art by Queen Xendra Sahjaza of Sahjaza Brazil
Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza
Written by High Elder Ordained Priestess Liath Sahjaza

When I joined Temple House Sahjaza, I didn’t know what to expect. I had spent my life staying mostly solitary because of the rudeness and mistrust that is a general part of Vampyre and Occult communities. What I discovered is that it was never meant to be that way.
The first time Goddess Rosemary called me on the phone, I was very surprised and cautious. Anyone in the community who is paying attention knows who she is. Not only did she call me, but I found myself talking to her so easily. The few who know me well know that’s unusual.
With each Sahjaza project I worked on, I chatted more and more with her, which led to more and more phone calls, and one day it hit me that I had a true sisterhood with this woman. Many of us in the occult community don’t even have that with biological sisters, and that is true for me, also, so this was unexpected.
Photo by high elder Walter Warlock Sahjaza
Through the years, life happened as it does, and I was there for her as much as possible, and she has been there for me and others of Sahjaza. She is beautiful both inside and out, stunningly so. I’ve seen naysayers come and go because no matter how great you are, you will always have those. Goddess Rosemary chooses to show love and compassion even in the midst of drama. That is quite a feat in the drama-filled community.
When she decided to join in working with the Unity movement, I went with her, as did the whole Temple. In my opinion, this is the perfect project for her, because that is what she’s always sought. Make no mistake, as kind as she is, her kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. When needed, she does take action, yet always in the most loving way the situation allows. It is amazing to see her in action.
For the Unity project, we went on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. When I finally got to hug her for the first time, we were both drawn to tears with a long embrace. I was overcome with emotion. While staying by her side for most of the events that took place, I saw amazing things.
She reaches people in such a way; it’s indescribable. She was treated with great reverence and respect, as the Mother of the Vampire Community that she is. People bowed or knelt and kissed her hands. She was given gift after gift. People constantly told her how beautiful she is, how much they love her. And she is every bit as beautiful as they said, inside and out. She is deserving of every bit of the love and respect she was given.
When Goddess Rosemary and her friends at that time began the first House, she intended compassion, love, and respect to be first and foremost. She has been steadfast for over 40 + years and refuses to back down.
Hail Sahjaza!

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