Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Full Length Review: Luis Maldonalle "Maestro" (Tree House Records) by Corban Skipwith

Artist: Luis Maldonalle
Country: Brazil
Genre Progressive neoclassical metal
Full Length: Maestro
Format: Digital
Label: Tree House Records
Release date: 2022
Today, I’m excited to share with you a very talented man, someone who I recently discovered but one that impressed me enough all the same that I felt obligated to write this review to hopefully share to the world the gift that is “Luis Maldonalle”.
Now, I haven’t had the time to dive deep into his past discography but with how much I’m impressed with this record you best believe it would be in my bucket list, my point being as far as this record goes I feel a strong ‘Power/Speed Metal’ vibe and we are talking skills up there with the best to have ever done it period.
The way he commands the tracks, the way his guitar flows so fast and precise and how effortless he makes it look it’s just insane. Throughout each track they all have their own unique ‘flavor’ and ‘personality’ so to speak and I love hearing what type of sonic meal he’s getting ready to cook us in each taste test I get going from track to track.
In style he reminds me of all the greats
-Eddie Van Halen
-Steve Vai
-Michael Angelo Batio
-Yngwie Malmsteen
I mean you name them he can either match or beat them! I haven’t heard talent like this in DECADES, well really since listening to those names mentioned above, there hasn’t been a guitarist that has blown me away (besides Ren Marabou) but his style is different (although amazing) to the level of pure fire, technicality and skill that Luis brings to the table, I mean with every song that passes I’m left in cold sweats just listening to the guitar work, all my hairs stand up I get chills up and down my spine it’s absolutely insane the capabilities of this almost god like individual.
I know it must sound like I’m dick riding here but trust me, you haven’t heard what I have! I’m going to link the record below because you guys HAVE to check this out, I heard from a few sources that he was amazing but I never expected this level of intensity, so I’m going to leave it to YOU the listener to experience what could very well be, you know what fuck it WHAT IS the most groundbreaking guitar focused instrumental project of the modern generation, yeah I said that and if you don’t believe me just click on the link below! Corban Skipwith

Track list:
1. Raptor Alpha 1
2. Medusa
3. Armata Di Sange
4. Mea Culpa
5. Partita Diablo
6. Crown Of Thorns
7. ‘Opus Valhalla
8. Stigmata
9. The Harder They Fall

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