Monday, May 9, 2022

Full Length Review: Sci-Fi Scientists "Sars Attacks" (Independent) by Corban Skipwith

Band: Sci-Fi Scientists
Country: Ireland
Genre: Industrial Metal
Full Length: Sars Attacks
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: April 7, 2022
I suppose why not? Why not start the evening reviewing a fun, introspective, tongue and cheek record first thing off work? It’s not like I cover a tone of these so any that I do get the chance to cover is always great fun.
Today we have the latest 7 track record by the group and as it stats in the Bandcamp link this is a conceptual record and I quote
“This is a concept album providing an alternative narrative to the psychological warfare the human race has been subjected to by the mainstream media, government, and globalist technocrats for the past three years!”
First of all, if this description doesn’t peak your interest then go fuck yourself because you're obviously lying because that has to be one of the sickest explanations to a record I’ve ever heard! But the question is, how does the final product sound?
Well, as far as production goes I hear a lot of interesting influences and styles mixed into this giant sonic pot such as
-Synth Pop
I will admit this is more ‘messy’ then most albums who incorporate the various styles method but I wouldn’t hold that against them too much as you can tell by their whole aesthic and vibe that they are going for a more ‘fun/over the top’ maniac type experience and the messy presentation works well for what they are going for. If this was meant to be a record to take seriously then yeah I might judge it more harshly but you’d have to be dumb, deaf and blind to assume this, they are a band who likes to have fun and make an interesting project in the process so can’t hate on their approach! It’s fun and educational at the same time and that’s what matters.
The vocal performances are something else, the lead singer ‘Billy Ray (lovebuzz) Virus (even their artist names are fucking amazing!) has this off the cuff, everywhere and anywhere type free lancing singing where he fathers no style specific just does what he feels depending on the song! Not a very common approach but that’s what makes this record unique! If I had a gun pointed to my head and had to narrow his voice down to a certain genre/sub-genre I’d lean more on the punk side of things, but that’s just a small taste of what type of performance he gives, you’d have to hear it to understand what I mean.
Overall, this is quite the record. Some fun songs on here for sure that actually raise some eyebrows (the song ‘Who is W.H.O’ especially) the end part where he’s actually spitting some deep questions about the whole situation of how COVID started, as someone who loves a good conspiracy theory I had no choice but to take a small breather to think about what he was saying haha The instrumentation is colorful and vibrant, the production funky and exciting and overall just a fun set of tracks to make you sit there and ponder on the world and the events surrounding it. Corban Skipwith

Billy Ray (lovebuzz) Virus: Vocals
Jabs Hetfield: Guitar
Rick Awakeman: Synthesizer
Vax Cavalera: Bass
Sars Ulrich: Drums
Amy Schwabhouse: Dancer, actress

Track list:
1. It Began in a Lab
2. The F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real
3. Who is the W.H.O?
4. Bill Standing at the Gates of the Lizard King
5. The Horror
6. New Horizon
7. N.W.O - Natural World Order

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