Sunday, May 15, 2022

Poem: "The Last Resort" by Judge Santiago Burdon

The Last Resort
Judge Santiago Burdon

When it gets like this
it always comes to that
I'm left with only one option
There's always a vacancy
at the Last Resort
No need to make a reservation
Home to self loathing and misery
The only remedy is a lethal cure
Although anguish along with torment
Are all inclusive here
All I've done with my life
is serve my obsessions
I'm the only thing that stands in my way
One more screw up and I'll own the whole collection
I've learned to swallow the taste of shame
I poured my heart out
but I guess some spilled
And it's left a stain
it's my caustic comment
that can't be washed away
No credit no refunds at the Last Resort
You pay with your blood and tears
apologies invalid promises void
excuses and lies told to a deaf ear
No cocktail lounge
to drown your sorrows.
No chapel to kneel down in prayer
No sympathy on the menu
at the Last Resort
If that's what you're looking for
find somebody who cares.

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