Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Full Length Review: Nesbitt Instrumentals "Apocrypha Vol. 1" (Independent) by Brynn Kali StarDew

Band: Nesbitt Instrumentals
Location: Lebanon, Kentucky
Country: USA
Genre: Metal, acoustic, instrumental
Full length: Apocrypha Vol. 1
Format: Digital
Label: Independent
Release date: January 31, 2023
Talons In The Night is a really interesting track with lots of twists and turns, I really thought this song was on point with what I think a good Instrumental track should be and the next one Dead With No Name was sufficient as well. Definitely good Sound Quality in the recording, the art is a bit basic but it gets the job done! There really isn't anything to complain about! Track three Human Beast was a little faster than Dead with no Name but I liked that, the double Bass drumming sounds good on this Track too. I would definitely recommend something like this to people who get tired of hearing indistinguishable lyrics and just wanna hear some really brutal Moshing music!
Moving on to Crucible Steel this song is good, definitely has the sound of what I wanted to hear for something with a title like this. I can totally see molten metal being forged with this playing in the background. Draugr wasn’t anything crazy instrumentally but still a good track, it definitely has a little bit of a Bowser's Castle theme around 1:50 which is commendable. The next song Ulfberht really took me by surprise with how fast they came in, but I kind of liked it. It really has that bowser's castle thing I was talking about, I think they really might be onto something here….it's not overwhelming but takes the listener by surprise, well done! The Next track on the album track nine Underworld I really liked, I would even go as far to say it was my favorite on the entire album. The guitar bends in it help to give it a nice “Doomy and Gloomy” sort of sound which I am fond of.
I don’t really need to say a lot for this next track, it sort of speaks for itself with satanic drumming and sweeping guitar riffs, Minotaur knocks it out of the park by meeting excellent musicianship with classic mythological title. Enough said. Heathen is definitely similar in terms of drumming and sweeping…. It seems like the title is just a little different. The final track Vengeance had an interesting intro which I definitely recommend, this whole album is a little bit underrated in my opinion. I haven't listened to much instrumental metal in a while so thank you to Nesbitt Instrumentals and Dave Wolff for changing that! -Brynn Kali StarDew

Musicianship 9/10
SongWriting 10/10
Memorability 9/10
Production 8/10
Overall 9/10

Jonathan Nesbitt II: All instruments

Track list:
1. Talons In the Night
2. Dead With No Name
3. Human Beast
4. Crucible Steel
5. Teeth in The Darkness
6. Draugr
7. Ulfberht
8. Equinox
9. Underworld
10. Forge the Blade
11. Minotaur
12. Omen
13. Heathen
14. Vengeance

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