Monday, March 27, 2023

Interview with the Adam Perez Rodriguez band by Gene Olivarri

Interview with the Adam Perez Rodriguez band by Gene Olivarri

Let's start off with who's who in this amazing Texas Latin rock blues band.
Adam Perez Rodriguez: vocals, and lead guitar, Roland Salazar: bass, Enrique Chavez: Drums.

Let's talk about the first full-length album you'll be releasing later this year.
The first full-length is a combination of different music I'm into and grew up with to bring good music and lyrics. That has tons of emotion and feeling with great content.

What preparations were taken for your band to get ready for recording this album?
Basically rehearsal, accomplishing the sound we would have live and bringing it into the studio with as much energy as possible. We are a very instrumental band.

What are some of your favorite venues around the State of Texas you enjoy playing live at?
We enjoy the San Antonio, Texas BBQ cook-off plus a venue called Neighbors in Bastrop, Texas.

What are the band's influences and what unique ingredients does each member bring to the band?
As far as influence: Santana and Eric Clapton, salsa and reggae. Everyone in the band has experience with all kinds of different types of music in this band.

How many songs will be on your first full-length album?
At least 10 songs.

What streaming platforms will you be able to find your album for purchase?
For sure right now Spotify and, TuneCore iHeartRadio, iTunes plus Jango Internet Radio.

What are the brands and products your members love to use instrument-wise?
Currently Fender guitars and Fender basses; we also have Fender amps plus Vox tube amps. For drums Tama Drums and Zildjian cymbals.

How does the band work together on promoting and pushing your brand of music throughout Texas and most importantly America and across seas?
We try to promote through the internet, through Facebook and international group chats internet radio, and the sharing of our live videos on different social platforms. I did a cover video of Jimi Hendrix's version of "Born Under a Bad Sign" that's been viewed massively.

What are some of the difficulties being out on the road for this band?
There is so much competition out there. The difficulties are getting more gigs and getting more gigs outside of Texas to get our music out to new areas and people. Due to post-COVID it hasn't been good for live music in general lots of venues are hurting right now and it's been hard to recover from all this.

What is the band's approach in writing a song how do you all sit down and agree with one another on parts of songs plus the timing and tempos that are used for writing different songs?
I, Adam Perez Rodriguez, am the songwriter and lyric writer of all of our songs. I record a demo of them and give demos to the band members. In rehearsal sessions, we work around the songs together like a jam session to work everything out between each other.

When your first full-length comes out later this year do you plan to tour on this release for a whole year?
Yes we will hit it hard for this album we want it to be extremely accepted with open arms by everyone who just loves good music.

You can find this amazing Texas band here:

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