Monday, March 20, 2023

Poem: "The Traveler" by Renascentia Bella Morte

The Traveler
Renascentia Bella Morte

Death comes as swift as a black bird taking flight.
Stealing the sun away from any given daylight.
Sometimes putting us into another dark night.
Time stands still for us, the living, & in this silent pause.
We tend to overthink think of how certain things went wrong.
Some of us can even sense when your spirits are near.
In the beginning it can cause us so many more tears.
Within some time.
You will appreciate the signs.
I appreciate the messages through song & nature that you send.
This helped me realize that nothing ever truly comes to a end.
Like the ever changing seasons like
winter spring summer & fall.
We now have firm roots n guidance behind us, So we may stand so ever tall.

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