Tuesday, October 10, 2023

EP Review: Dark Moon Spirit "Under The Dark Moon" (Independent) by Dave Wolff

Band: Dark Moon Spirit
Location: New Jersey
Country: USA
Genre: Gothic rock
Format: Digital album
Label: Independent
Release date: October 31, 2017
As the Halloween season arrives, here is an exploration of the dark recesses of the mind from the depths of New Jersey. Witches, zombies, and demons abound seeking fresh souls during this time of year; what better time for Dark Moon Spirit? Are those creatures real or shades that dwell within all of us, offering opportunities for escape from the mundane existence of everyday life? If they’re the latter you have to be willing to open the doors to those places often left closed and observe them from a different perspective. During the day, these places can appear somewhat primal and frightening, however, at night they become clearer and more appealing.
Dark Moon Spirit offers that opportunity with a sense of balance reminiscent of the line from Omen III: The Final Conflict: "True evil is as pure as innocence." Their frequent live shows blur the line between the physical and the metaphysical, with the vibe of a Vincent Price or Hammer Horror film, with 60s sci fi added for good measure. With mystical, mystifying overtones, that dynamism is replicated beautifully on their debut EP. The darkness on "Under The Dark Moon" is not all baleful; but you wonder whether the forbidden pleasures revealed are so because of how intensely they can be felt if you embrace them as part of yourself. This is reflected in lyrics resonant of wizardry, illustrating hidden desires and passions with personal frailties existing alongside personal strengths.
These lyrics, set to an eclectic shuffle of rock, punk, Gothic rock, noise pop, acid rock, surf rock, desert rock, and pirate radio, explore those desires as blessings as well as a curse. Emptiness accompanying those desires, a sense of being apart from the mortal world, longing for something better yet elusive, are linked to the joy of finding a kindred spirit with whom you can create your inner universe where your dreams become a reality. The realization that one can cultivate one's perspective of oneself and the surrounding world is a feeling of dark ecstasy. The vocals are particularly gripping and furnish the songs with a sense of warmth and belonging.
"Under The Dark Moon" isn’t for everyone, but it’s undeniably wide-ranging and appealing to fans of AC/DC, The Cult, The Doors, Jan and Dean, The Misfits, Medicine and Christian Death. Dark Moon Spirit make consistent appearances at a yearly event taking place in New York City known as Witchsfest USA; you can view some live stream videos from the event at this link. –Dave Wolff

Lineup (studio):
Fred Darkmoon: Vocals, all instruments

Lineup (live):
Fred Darkmoon: Vocals, guitar
Dave Meyers: Bass
Dave English: Drums, vocals

Track list:
1. Dark Moon Spirit
2. By the Moonlight
3. Naked
4. Feel Your Heat
5. Love Me Tonight

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