Saturday, October 28, 2023

Single Review: Incognito Theory "Anthem" (Curtain Call Records) by Dave Wolff

Band: Incognito Theory
Location: Kearny, New Jersey
Country: USA
Genre: Southern groove metal
Single: Anthem
Format: Digital, promotional video
Label: Curtain Call Records
Release date: November 3, 2023
In the months following the release of "American Rebel", Incognito Theory has promoted new material as aggressively as ever. Their next single and promotional video "Anthem" is scheduled for release next month, and I have to give them credit for advertising the old school way with endorsements and radio previews, supporting traditional media while plugging the single at Facebook.
The band has released a lot of singles to generate interest, and it seems to work for them as they’re working with companies like EMG Pickups and Dirtbag Clothing. Their marketing approach is as basic as the song's ribald coarseness, which goes further than the raw disposition they achieved by working with Malcolm Springer. The more attention they get, the hungrier they become.
With the appeal of bands like Down, Black Label Society, Damageplan, Hellyeah and Alice In Chains, as well as some classic 70s rock, their sound may not be brutal death metal, the effect on your eardrums is similar to that of acid poured over a deep wound. There's still no secret as to what the band’s about, and they don't appear too concerned with woke progressiveness or cancel culture. As nomadic outlaws, they continue to search for the next tavern to imbibe alcohol and sample whatever pleasures (or troubles) they may encounter.
"Anthem" gives the impression they are performing on stage to an entire roomful of nomadic outlaws, and everyone present is pretty much on the same wavelength. A compelling attraction draws you into this bar setting on Saturday night when everyone is drinking and taking in the surroundings, and every sight and sound is sensory and tactile. As we know, Incognito Theory are open and receptive to incorporating groove into their songs, and the groove reinforces their heaviness instead of concealing it to be sunnier or more marketable.
The band’s next album is coming out next spring; "Anthem" may seem unrelenting to you, but imagine an entire album of such compositions when its finally made. –Dave Wolff

Dave Incognito: Vocals
Mike Butchar: Guitar
Kenny Peer: Bass
Gonzo Martinez: Drums

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