Monday, October 30, 2023

Film Review: "10/31 Part 3" (Terror Films, 2023) by Devin J. Meaney

10/31 Part 3
Directed by Michael Ballif, Jed Brian, Jonathan Patrick Hughes, Jacob Perrett, Brad Twigg
Written by Michael Ballif (House of the Mummy), Jed Brian ("Radio Tower Road Faux Trailer"), Dustin Ferguson, Rocky Gray, Zane Hershberger (Hack in the Box), Jonathan Patrick Hughes, Todd Martin (Old Man Gross), Jacob Perrett (The Locksmith), Taylor Rhoades, Melissa Sapienz (Old Man Gross), P.J. Starks
With James Morris, Emily Ashby, Vickie Becker, Jordan Beltz, Brittany Blanton, Rylee Bolls, Krista Bradley, Jace Brian, Geovonna Casanova, Steve Christopher, DéRome A. Chrétien, Tony Collins, Devan Coulter, Nicole Coulter, Ben Dietels
Produced by Grayhouse Entertainment, Witching Season Films
Distrbuted by Terror Films
Release Date: October 15, 2022 (DVD, Blu-ray, premiere). September 29, 2023 (Internet)
Tonight (Devil’s Night 2023) I came across episode 3 of 10/31! This is a collection of micro-budget horror shorts inspired by Halloween!
The first short film involving a mummy is pretty cheesy and comedic—and it didn’t fail at bringing forth a few chuckles! The other 3 shorts are much darker and veer into the realms of “splatter” horror, with loads of blood and gore galore! Once again I will state that this falls under the category of micro-budget—but with that said all of the effects were practical and were pulled off quite nicely. As a lover of films that steer clear of CGI (especially when of a lower budget) I have no problem saying that this one was an absolute win! The acting was bad, the script was terrible, the blood looked like corn starch—but what else would you want for a Devil’s Night/Halloween viewing? Overall my favorite short in this collection was the first one. It really fell into the category of things that are “up my alley”! -Devin J. Meaney

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