Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Full Length Review: Flax "Scraping The Rind" (Disturbed Mind Records) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Flax
Location: Wales
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Goregrind
Full length: Scraping The Rind
Format: Digital album
Label: Disturbed Mind Records (England)
Release date: July 2. 2023
At just after 2 in the morning sleep was escaping me—so I made my way to YouTube to see what kind of gory delights I could find! After a quick search I found “Scraping the Rind” by the fresh one man gore slam act “Flax”! The YouTube bio just stated simply that this is a one man band from a guy named Tom from Wales, UK! The project was newly started in 2023 and this is Tom’s very first full length release!
The vocals are a mix of pitched gurgles and “slammy” gutturals (there are some high “shrieks” too!). The guitar work is tight—with deep chugs galore! Strangely enough for me personally I think it is the drum machine that makes this unique. Some very strange percussion can be heard while listening to this—and that paired with the guitar chugs and the vocals makes for a listen that is highly pleasant to the ear drums. I am reminded of some of the work done by CXRX’s Clay Lamanske!
You can check this out on YouTube or Flax’s Bandcamp page! If you want to acquire a physical copy you can do so by getting in touch with Disturbed Mind Records!
All in all this was a pretty good gory and entirely slam-tacular release! I have heard better—but not recently. I won’t rate this out of ten—but I can say one thing for sure…it is up there! -Devin J. Meaney
Note: Tom used one of the same samples as Impetigo used on their track “I Work for the Streetcleaner” from their “Horror of the Zombies” album!

Tom: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. ADHD Insomniac
2. Flesh Peeler
3. Ass Is Ass
4. Shadow Banned
5. Scraping The Rind
6. Carcrash Facelift
7. The Mike Schank Clinic For Drug Rehabilitation
8. Coma Wish
9. Mainstream Metalheads At Download Festival Having A Pleasant Time
10. Bonecrusher
11. Bro Do You Need Artwork Bro
12. Deathcore Is For Wimps
13. Blunt Force Trauma
14. DSM-5

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