Sunday, January 14, 2024

Article: "Dream House" by Laura Petellat

Dream House
Laura Petellat

My dream as a child was to own a Victorian Queen Anne. She sits now in my name and my children's in living trust, in the Historic district, on the registry. She is known.
Purchased in 2021, originally named D’Armand and owned by one of the first judges in Harriman, Judge Nottingham, she has been re-crowned The Witch House, and the neighbors knows her as such.
A Jewel in our neighborhood that needs loving restoration. The time it takes will add 1200+ feet to her living space, giving us a beautiful library with thousands of books, a couple of beds and chairs to lounge upon, a small pantry of snacks, a non-alcoholic bar for drinks, a powder room, so readers need not descend stairs for their needs as they research and read. My grandbaby bats can have sleepovers laying in fountains of wisdom and knowledge. All in due time.
The grounds will be less grass and more areas to picnic, more Giant Irises and Spider Lilies.
A fenced-in yard for my and my late parents’ dogs to run and get exercise and lay in the sun.
We have plans to get siding fixed and the house repainted in the same warm inviting Blue she is now. Accouterments will be different, I rather like brick red and gold? Sigh, I don't know, perhaps rose and parchment? That will be a while, maybe next Spring or Fall?
She comes bearing six bedrooms, two and half bathrooms, at the moment, two sun rooms, one of which is now my beloved Tea Room (I speak of often, despite its diminutive size), a parlor, two porches, one, a wrap around, a laundry room, an attic with 10, 12 and 15 plus foot ceilings. The attic will be the library.
The Carriage House, out behind the main home, will become a guest house for those with animal allergies who cannot nest with us and our cats and dogs.
I will go on about the Carriage House in future posts.
I hope you find yourself the home you never thought you would have, too.
Blessed Be.

January 12, 2024

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