Sunday, January 14, 2024

Poem: "Mirage." by Tamara Picardo

Tamara Picardo

I pushed my way to a gloomy tumult of abstract sensations,
so similar to despair, while assaulting images
of new things to come paraded before my eyes.
And I saw the world as a dark fire,
barely latent in the shadows of time.
So painful to me are the ancient ways of progress!
Step by step, unstoppable, the dancing twilight
of fairs on the avenue fell on to me.
Multicolored flashes that seemed to blend in sight.
Sad melancholy washed over me,
upon seeing so many people crowded together,
embracing the immense sigh of freedom given by ignorance
of not to know what or who,
pulls the strings embedded in their minds.

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