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Full Length Review: Green Day "Insomniac" (Reprise) by Devin J. Meaney

Band: Green Day
Country: USA
Genre: Punk, rock
Full length: Insomniac
Label: Reprise
Release date: October 10, 1995
It has been a long time since I really listened to Green Day. Don’t get me wrong—the odd time I hit up Youtube and listen to “Dookie”—mostly because it is a very nostalgic album for me as my cousin Jeff used to let me listen to his CD copy when I was a kid (He never did let me listen to NoFx’s “Pump up the Valium”).
On a weird topic for a music review my daughter is of the age where she has started dating. Her boyfriend is a big Green Day fan and while at the local Walmart I found a CD copy of “Insomniac” for ten dollars. Due to David’s inspiration I snagged the album and took it home.
I remember listening to Insomniac when I was younger, but it never was quite as home-hitting as “Dookie” for me. With that said, after listening to it again in my later years I can state that Insomniac is just as good of an album as “Dookie”—and one thing I can state is that I really dig the production. It is a short album, but it is just long enough to get the motors running!
Is Green Day my favorite band? No. But do I enjoy them? Yes. One might call me “faux punk” for writing this review but as an overweight 30 something man who lives with his mom and writes children’s books maybe “punk” isn’t the best way to describe me anyway. With that said, I’m still not a fan of the “newer” Green Day—that “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” crap just ain’t for me. There IS a lot of enjoyable Green Day though, with “Dookie” being my all time favorite followed by “Kerplunk”! and “Insomniac”. “Insomniac” is the main focus of this review though—so put your jaded notions aside and give it a solid listen!
P.S: I’m actually still punk as fawk. Just don’t tell my mother! -Devin J. Meaney

Billie Joe Armstrong: Vocals, guitar
Mike Dirnt: Bass, backing vocals
Tré Cool: Drums

Track list:
1. Armatage Shanks
2. Brat
3. Stuck with Me
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. No Pride
6. Bab's Uvula Who?
7. 86
8. Panic Song
9. Stuart and the Ave
10. Brain Stew
11. Jaded
12. Westbound Sign
13. Tight Wad Hill
14. Walking Contradiction

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