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Full Length Review: Infernal Angels "Shrine of Black Fire" (mmortal Frost Productions) by Dave Wolff

Band: Infernal Angels
Country: Italy
Genre: Raw, melodic black metal
Format: Jewel case CD, standard black vinyl, opaque white/black splatter vinyl, digital
Label: Immortal Frost Productions (Brazil)
Release date: November 24, 2023
"Shrine of Black Fire" is a manifestation of the personal Luciferian, Gnostic and chaos magic embodied in Infernal Angels' writings. I'm unfamiliar with their previously released albums, but this one resonates strongly with a hidden esoteric knowledge that becomes a part of the musicianship.
A solitary practitioner of dark magic and his coven invoke the powers of darkness in an overcast woodland far from civilization, manifesting something vibrant, dangerous, and flourishing. Even though you may have visited this woodland several times, the unspeakable wisdom and enlightenment that has been revived reveals there's much more to discover beyond.
As the novitiate of unseemly arts invokes an essence in a bodiless voice during the darkest hour of the night, without moonlight, in "Abyss Oath", you feel frigid winds breathing down your neck. In taking possession of those gathered, it offers sageness setting them apart from other mortals. "In the Silence of Tehom" depicts Lucifer as showing existence through his eyes as a result of the summoning.
By the fire, Lucifer and his minions become one as the power invoked in the ritual grows. There is much more to it than that but you'll need to refer to the lyrics for an explanation of the epic conclusion to the ritual. There is an excoriated sound accompanying this call, similar to old Satyricon, Gorgoroth, and Taake. The Norwegian influence is conveyed using the sacred, regal mannerisms of Italian metal.
Throughout, acidulous, high frequency guitar, vibrating, semi-melodic bass, and a maddened blast give way to moderately paced, primeval percussive designs and a sardonic atmosphere. Among these sounds are detailed dissonant passages and a variety of voices that represent the possessed cover morphing into one entity with the fallen angel. Despite parts of the album possessing familiar characteristics, they are constructed in a way that carries traditional tales of black wizardry and revolt against the heavens to their logical denouement. –Dave Wolff

Xes: Vocals
Nekroshadow: Guitars
Apsychos: Guitars
Asdraeth: Bass
Postmortem: Drums

Track list:
1. Abyss Oath (feat. Michael W. Ford & Sara Ballini)
2. In the Silence ov Tehom
3. The Horizon Eats the Sun and Other Stars
4. Fire as Breath
5. A Gateway to Purification
6. The Flame Burns Brighter in the Darkness
7. I am the Thoughtless Light
8. Shrine of Black Fire - Ablazing Serpent

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