Thursday, June 20, 2024

Full Length Review: Die Entweihung "Kings & Pawns - Remastered edition" (Inverted Chalice Prods, Bajo Tierra Records) by Dave Wolff

Project: Die Entweihung
Location: Haifa
Country: Israel
Genre: Blackened heavy metal
Format: Digital album
Label: Inverted Chalice Prods, Bajo Tierra Records
Release date: May 24, 2024
Denis Tereshenko's dark, open mind has produced another remastered reissue. The original recording of "Kings and Pawns" was among Tereshenko's most recent works, released just before "Strict Regime Country" was released in 2022.
This is the third time I'm writing about this project since almost a year ago, not including my interview with Tereshenko last July. There is a subtle difference between the original and the remaster, but if you pay careful attention, you’ll hear less rawness and more atmosphere. I'd even recommend listening to this version first if you're unfamiliar with the album, as you'll be able to gain a greater understanding of Tereshenko manifesting his vision .
There’s a greater emphasis on the finesse with which these songs were written and arranged, especially when it comes to the precision and dexterity of the guitars. In many ways, I prefer the remaster to the original, as there's more of a fullness in the overall sound, revealing aspects of each track that were previously hidden. In addition to the guitars, the piano and keyboards play more of an important role in the songs, adding different flavors to each song as they were intended to. 
There's an enhanced interplay between the acoustic sections, the bass tracks are polished so they are more prominent, and the diverse vocal tracks are incorporated into the song structure in a more significant way. You have an excellent sense of how to cross over black metal, progressive metal, and folk without overstating anything, with an even distribution of vocals and instruments, and a live feeling to the material, as if you were listening to a live performance rather than a studio recording.
Tereshenko's decision to remaster "Kings and Pawns" was wise as it provides greater opportunities to improve in terms of sound and presentation. Before I forget, please take time to listen to his black/goth metal rendition of "Working Class Hero". -Dave Wolff

Denis Tereschenko: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Away Into The Night
2. The Moustached God
3. As The Hangover Starts
4. Confrontation
5. Kings & Pawns
6. The Nonsense Games
7. The Only Thing Worthy To Save
8. Working Class Hero (J. Lennon Cover)
9. Sons Of The Moon And Fire (Der Gerwelt Cover)

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