Saturday, July 8, 2023

Full Length Review: Die Entweihung "Strict Regime Country" (Witches Brew) by Dave Wolff

Project: Die Entweihung
Location: Haifa
Country: Israel
Genre: Blackened heavy metal
Format: Digital, CD
Release date: November 18, 2022
Eclectic extreme metal project Die Entweihung was initiated by Denis Tereshenko, who is currently based in Israel. He began the project in 2007 as a raw black metal project that experimented with longer songs, ambient/atmospheric elements, mood changes, and a variety of other aspects. Having derived his ideas exclusively from his own thoughts, he produced albums closer to the soundtracks of indie horror films.
Throughout the course of his project, Tereshenko's music evolved, becoming less raw and more experimental. As guitars and vocals became more polished, riffs became more exploratory, a unique style of soloing emerged, and his songwriting became more accessible with progressive rock and metal elements added, while its bizarre quality was being highlighted more sharply. Although the process of transformation was slow, it was evident that significant progress was being made.
The steps Tereshenko took were all in different directions and he collected some ideas along the way. Despite his ability to make progressive and nonconventional extreme metal look effortless, it always required imagination and soul-searching, especially when a single musician plays every instrument. Several gradual changes have been made, including the addition of new elements and the elimination of some older ones. Among his noteworthy achievements is the recording of a tribute album to Joy Division in 2014 and the recording of a cover of John Lennon's “Working Class Hero” for his “Kings & Pawns” album.
As a result of this long process, “Strict Regime Country” was made. The prog, death metal, and experimental influences Tereshenko possessed as he approached the recording of this album, as well as new inspiration for his lyrics, became more apparent as his projects' evolution progressed. The lyrical ideas of Die Entweihung were often associated with darkness, despondency, dissolution, and decease. Through time, the themes expanded to include socially relevant topics, most notably the September 11 attacks, their impact on the world, and the stark possibility of a new world order.
“Strict Regime Country” is more in line with anarcho punk than black or death metal, focusing on the political situation in Belarus since 1994. In particular, the major events that took place there around 2020. Covering a wide variety of genres despite the lack of the dark carnival-like keyboards featured on past albums, the song structure is the tightest, most professional blend of black, thrash, and death metal with prog rock.
The songwriting and musicianship are better suited for a straightforward metal album, with the emphasis on riffs, harmonies, strong rhythm guitars and solos, and abrasive vocals in the vein of Mille Petrozza (Kreator) and Legion (Marduk). It would not be apparent to you that the project evolved into its current form if you had only listened to the first two albums. There is additionally a balance between those abrasive vocals and a cleaner, more melodic style than we are accustomed to hearing from this project.
I'd recommend listening to all of Die Entweihung's releases on Bandcamp if you have the time to do so, to experience its evolution for yourself. –Dave Wolff

Denis Tereschenko: Vocals, all instruments

Track list:
1. Some Kind Of Independence
2. One Of Us
3. Mayhem Of The Doomed
4. Their Own Tragic 9-11
5. White Red White Genocide
6. Yesterday
7. Revolution Of Broken Dreams
8. Strict Regime Country

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