Saturday, May 28, 2016


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Cult Of Luna has that originality that a lot of bands are missing with their dark melodic rhythms and dynamic vocals this band hits hard in the soul. First thing I notices were the trippy melodic almost hypnotic guitar riffs, as I have always been a fan of dark hypnotic songs I was hooked, the drums sound like a heartbeat from a horror movie with the intensity to match. as I am one who is very picky about the types of vocalist metal bands used hearing the term female featured vocalist I got a little nervous. I also went and listened to other bands the featured female singer was in just to have an idea and even though it wasn’t my taste in music it wasn’t bad at all, but after hearing how the screams mixed with the singing I was put at ease, they were actually pretty good, comparing to more mainstream bands I’d say a good mix of Cradle Of Filth with Lacuna Coil. Both have the same essence of female vocals. Not to give the females all the credit the screaming growls are amazing, they blend very well with the overall music. This bands is dark, melodic, chaotic, and hypnotic to the core. As a metalhead I can usually find one or two songs on most albums that I like but with Cult Of Luna I found more than just one. So if you like dark hypnotic metal check Cult Of Luna out and give your eardrums their overdose of metal they have been aching for, and as always keeping it brutal. -Amethyst Wynter

Track list:
1. A Greater Call
2. Chevron
3. The Wreck Of S.S. Needle
4. Approaching Transition
5. Cygnus

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