Saturday, May 21, 2016

CD Review: V/A A Wormhole Compilation

A Wormhole Compilation
Earthworm Productions
This compilation CD was released by Worm, editor/publisher of the DIY print zine A Wormhole which has kicked around since the 2000s . We’ve several trades over that time, and he recently sent me this and a few other promos for review. This compilatio CD consists of bands he in touch with. Little information is provided about them so you’d have to contact him at his email address. It’s a strange mix going from experimental noise (Dull) to country & western (Skull) to death/grind (Circus Geranade) and so on. Circus Geranade have a decent bass sound on their track. “Exit” is cleanly produced with many time changes, and their various influences are collected and arranged well. One of my favorite tracks is “Why Is Metal So Gay” by Stupid Metal Funny. It consists of a repetitive riff as a background for a string of “you know you’re a metalhead when…” jokes. A few that stood out were “…all your clothes are black,” “…you were leather pants in the summer” and “…you wanted to fuck the chicks in Poison.” I thought there should have been more jokes but it brought up a memory of sharing Long Island death metaller jokes with Jill Girardi (Mortal Coil Records, Razorback Records) in the late 90s. Ulfbehrt is another favorite; their song is a fusion of black metal, death metal, doom metal, classical, sampling and effects, all inventively written and arranged. I'd like to hear more of them. Same goes for Makaras Pen whose track "Apeifon" boasts hypnotic guitars and angelic female vocals. In The Moonlight ends the comp with more experimental/ambient noise. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. Dull: Intro
2. Skull: Trees In November
3. Circus Geranade: Exit
4. Stupid Metal Funny: Wormtallica
5. Stupid Metal Funny: Why Is Metal So Gay
6. Ulfbehrt: Catalpa
7. Dull: Wormsuckz!
8. Makaras Pen: Apeifon
9. In The Moonlight: Sunset
10. In The Moonlight: In The Moonlight

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