Sunday, May 22, 2016

CD Review: MURDER JUNKIES Killing For Christ Sakes

Killing For Christ Sakes
MVD Audio
In case anyone needed filling in, this band supported the infamous punk singer GG Allin in the final years of his recording career. But it was less a career and more a war on the underground. What can be said that hasn’t been already? Refer to his website for all you need. After his untimely passing in 1993, the Murder Junkies continued as they perceived something in themselves as a band. Their early post-GG career was tumultuous at best, as the band was fighting to escape GG’s shadow and fans were expecting someone to fill his shoes, which according to brother Merle Allin couldn’t ever be achieved (I got this when interviewing Merle for the first ever print issue of AEA). They toured the US extensively and changed lineups several times before disbanding in 1999. Their hiatus ended in 2003 when they performed with GG’s first band The Jabbers and their previously unstable lineup solidified with Allin on bass, Dino Sex on drums, FC Murder on guitar and vocalist PP Duvay. This past decade saw three full lengths that established them in their own right: Road Killer, A Killing Tradition and Killing For Christ Sakes. Many would argue the Murder Junkies are the last true punk band on Earth, considering the politically correct elements in punk and the mainstream’s cashing in on punk fashion. Their albums, never sugarcoated or whitewashed, resound with their rejection of political correctness and mainstreamization in favor of their hardcore work ethic. This album is no exception. If you’re expecting something like Green Day or a pop punk band being driven to a fancy club in a limousine, look elsewhere. Their long years of touring are deeply ingrained in each line sung and riff played. You can feel the hours of traveling from show to show and setting up stage in gritty back alley clubs. Two decades of this has tempered them with experience you can hear just as well. The line “Antisocial is the way to be” from Antisocial basically sums up their attitude, and many are bound to be offended. 17 Dead graphically describes the exploits of Jeffrey Dahmer in a way that rivals the most brutal death metal bands. The title cut urges you to “destroy this town” and it’s hard not to feel the urge. And I won’t even get into their frankness when it comes to discussing sexual relations, but if you’re familiar with them you’ll know what to expect anyway. Do yourself a favor and seek out this fine example of real rock and roll, the likes of which you’re not likely to hear again. Or at the very least preview them on Youtube as there is an extensive number of live shows and interviews of them there. -Dave Wolff

Track list:
1. 17 Dead
2. Killing For Christ Sakes
3. Fuck Standing Up
4. My Good Whore
5. Your Blood
6. Skin The Kitty
7. I Like Cops That Kill
8. Put Em Up Or Die
9. Antisocial
10. Merle`s Porch
11. Destroy
12. Your Wife Is a Cunt

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