Friday, May 13, 2016

CD Review: NAZGHOR Death's Withered Chants

Death's Withered Chants
Death's Withered Chants by the Swedish band NAZGHOR, is one of those black metal albums that you just can't get enough of. The entire album is well orchestrated. Every track is distinguishable, even though each song kind of carries on to the next. The lyrics are dark and delivered with blood curdling vocals. The drums and guitar riffs come together perfectly. Although I enjoyed the whole album, 'Inheritance of the cross' and 'Under a venomous spell' are my personal favorite tracks. After listening to the album in full three times today, NAZGHOR has peaked my interests in black metal. Even if you're a death metal fan, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. -Eric Evers

Track list:
01. Hymnum Mortis
02. Requiem Black Mass
03. Under A Venomous Spell
04. Craft Of The Nihilist
05. Road To Dead Meadows
06. Inheritance Of The Cross
07. Aeternum Regno Diaboli
08. Complete Unholyness
09. Empire Of Graves
10. Death’s Withered Chant

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