Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'I’m Not' by Elena Karis

I’m Not
by Elena Karis, 2017

I slumbered in a peaceful grave
Just for you to find me and raise me
To be your slave.
To do your bidding as you pleased
Without consequences to anyone
Just to watch me bleed.
Toss me a treat here and there
A shiny penny or a green bill
Order after order with a smile so menacing
You say kill kill kill
I long for the sweet surrender of bliss
To be back in my slumber
That sweet release can only be given with a kiss
A kiss you have no intention of giving.
Slashing, ripping my dead flesh at your pleasure,
Abusing the privilege to force me to take orders from others in your name
Now I can’t recall a time of peace or joy
I cannot recall being free
I cannot even remember my name

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