Sunday, April 23, 2017

Poem: 'One Night' by Natasa Nikolic

One Night
One night she swept into the room
she knew not how or when
Soon her vision was clear,
a window of the den

Somewhere inside, cold with stones
lay with dozens a candlestick
She did not think, but hurried,
inside to grab him quick
Desire washed up inside her,
she pushed down his chest
Yearning that made her quiver,
seeing the man-made nest

Her eyes seemed like of glass,
and sweeping her hair to the side
He got the same tender treatment,
before her mouth grew wide
She longed for the taste of his skin,
inside there was an itch
He felt an ache and screamed out loud,
soon after came a twitch

He let out a snarl,
to her the sweetest sound
Wishing that music wouldn’t stop,
maddening tunes held her bound

Soon immersed in pleasure,
stretched and began to move higher
Remembered his silky, hollow voice,
burning inside like a fire

Longing to hear it again,
but there only came a noise
The knuckles were white and still,
only the head in a poise

A guttural gurgling of sorts,
she did not have to guess
Before her head had cleared,
the chanting inside progressed

Before a thought was conceived,
startled, loosened her grip
And a single cough was heard,
so she stopped to sip

His chest heaved and sank,
his mouth turned into a grin
The abyss in his eyes now gone,
every night he let her in

Dancing in the darkness,
bodies followed by hollow-sight
Moving to a creaking rhythm,
glancing at the withering night

I raise a glass filled to the rim,
to pleasures of the profane
Neverlasting ages of sunken
dreams, never to seem sane

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